• Exploration, Making, Play!

    A new school designed to help transform the way society views learning
    Developing deep understanding and meaningful relationships through creative and playful experience.

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  • MakerGirls

    Pick up that Drill and Make something.
    Girls are introduced to leverage and fulcrum points by making a three pillar system to balance marbles

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  • Play, Solve, Learn Physics

    Students Play “Newtons Playground”.
    Student learn to articulate conceptual solutions from Newtonian physics for their sandbox game
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  • Design Learning

    Designing a new Roller Coaster module.
    Students build a roller coaster virtually then physically before they’re tasked with verbalizing physics concepts associated with kinetic and potential energy

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  • Mobile Game-Based Learning

    Students Play and Learn through the mobile game “Motion Math”.
    Students freshen up on fractions and number line knowledge with Motion Math.
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  • Immersion and Embodiment

    Learning Forces through becoming a bird
    Students learn the invisible world of forces through an accurate bird simulation

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  • GameMakers at PlayMaker School

    Students Pitch Video Game Concepts to Panel of Judges
    Students experience their first foray into the world of Game Development: pitching to potential stakeholders.
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Our new Maker Space is live!

Renovations for our new Maker Space, Adventure Room, and DreamLab at PlayMaker are complete!

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First Year at PlayMaker School

As the first year of PlayMaker School wraps up we celebrate and reflect on what we've accomplished and learned.

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“...PlayMaker will incorporate principles of game-based learning into the entire instructional model, but with an additional focus on making and discovering. -Andrew Miller, Mindshift”

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